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Wizards and Fools:
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REVIEWS "Wizards and Fools The Hallows" Fool Moon Magic Show

"Brandon Scott's "Wizards and Fools: The Hallows' Fool Moon Magic Show" wowed the audience, as they watched each trick with bated breath. Mystical feats galore.. This show presents not only magic, but a theatrical flair, with colorful costumery,exuding all things mysterious and magical, an exciting spectacle of activity, much like the hugely popular Cirque du Soleil extravaganzas, taking us to another dimension, even if only temporarily. Tricks of irony, sleight of hand, accompanied by Renaissance style of song and dance, were performed by the amazingly talented ensemble, including Larry Lederman, Billy Revel, Cathryn MacEllerhan Saahira, Christine O'Nan, Jessica Forrest, Duane Thorin, Jeannie Hudak, and Kassandra Corral "Sparkles". Wizard extraordinaire Brandon Scott intrigued the audience..." -Bonnie Priever Curtain Up
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"...entirely family friendly, the play is essentially a top notch magic show, starring Magic Castle veteran Brandon Scott and an eclectic supporting cast of characters. The quirky band of performers and musicians play the extended wizard family who are preparing for some "fool moon" rituals on Halloween night. The fun involves time travel, escapism, and mystical tortillas in a 90 minute show (with intermission)." -Roberta Brown read more Mommypoppins.com

"While the mysteries of 'how'd he do that' and 'where'd that come from' rattle your brain you find your self sitting forward and absorbing a whimsical story about a fool's destiny."- Jake E. Sampson- read more @NoHo Arts District.com

"A mystical and "other worldly" lark, CLEVERLY written by Brandon Scott, who also wears the Director's hat AND plays the lead role.This is a most unusual and "bewitching" evening of theatre". -Pat Taylor- Tolucan Times. read more


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